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since i got sick, i haven't really been able to enjoy the convenience of food. we prepare most of the food we eat, rarely go to restaurants, prepackaged food and drinks are out of the question, when we travel i pretty much live on smoothies that we make since we travel with our blender...overall it's fine because i have enough other avenues that appeal to me senses, but sometimes it's a bummer to go to party and see everyone having delicious mixed drinks i can't have or even just do something as easy as stop at a convenience store or bodega to get something to eat. but it's also been 7 years and that's more than enough time to adapt.

valentines day (which ethan and i are hokey, and by hokey i mean awesome enough to make a minor deal of) is a total bummer because chocolate is something i'm super allergic to, so it's usually "here's some cool flowers and a bar of white chocolate" and it's always appreciated but it's also sort of a clear illustration of my limitations when it comes to food. like man, the idea of getting a box of mixed chocolates is something i am envious of whenever i get one for ethan (which i do a fair amount because he's a total whore for chocolate and i like getting to smell delicious chocolate, like for valentines day i got him this because scotch and chocolate) but again after 7 years of limitations you get used to things (even though sometimes you miss random stuff you never liked that much like soda or random gross food court samples).

this year ethan surprised the hell out of me by going to a candy shop and had a box of assorted white chocolates made up for me. this is the first time in years that i've had a box of candy where i could eat -everything- without having to repeatedly double check the ingredients. the candy was good, but what was far more touching was the sliver of normalcy that it injected into my life. while i have adapted to the new normal that my life entails, there was something so awesome about doing something so normal as just being able to eat candy, which was just such a phenomenal gift. it wouldn't have even mattered if the chocolate was good, it was just getting to enjoy something that everyone else kind of takes for granted. so i was incredibly appreciative of how thoughtful and personal a gesture it was.

so last night was pretty fantastic as we hunkered down with our respective boxes of sweets and started watching house of cards. this season is great, way more complicated and dense than the first season, which i didn't even think was possible. one thing that i've gotten a kick out of is a friend got to work as a consultant to flesh out the character of Gavin which is pretty awesome. it's not arbitrary as said friend has made a name for himself as an on and offline activist, but i guess it is sort of cool seeing someone from boston doing industry stuff, especially for such a good show.

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Happy to hear you got such a treat!


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